Law Offices of Rhonda B. Siler

Hello, I am Rhonda Blackwell Siler, a Georgia divorce attorney.   I represent clients in the North Georgia mountain area with their uncontested divorce for a low flat fee.  At this current time the counties that I practice in are Cherokee, Fannin, Gilmer and Pickens.  A basic uncontested divorce without minor children is $ 300.00 and an uncontested divorce with minor children and one court appearance is $600.00.

I am not a paralegal or a document preparation service.  I am a licenced attorney who will represent you every step of the way until your divorce is finalized. I can help you to reach and finalize an agreement with your spouse by educating you about the issues in your particular case and then preparing the paper work to suit your individual needs as well as answering any questions that you or your spouse might have.  I will represepent your interests all the way through your divorce including filing the signed documents in court for you and presenting the Final Decree to the Judge for his or her signature. I also draft any documents that you might need to transfer property or retirement funds at low flat fees too.

By hiring an attorney instead of using a document prepaation service or online divorce service, you get one-on-one professional service.  I do not have a paralegal and I do all aspects of the work myself, assuring that you get the highest of personal and quality attention.

GEORGIA UNCONTESTED DIVORCE ONLINE.  For your convenience, the whole process from the initial consultation, to reviewing the drafts, making any changes that might be requested by your spouse and all the way to getting your final documents can be done online or by telephone without you or your spouse ever having to come to  my office.  If you and your spouse do not have minor children and are represented by an attorney, you will not have to appear in court which means the whole process can be done online or by telephone.  Cases with minor children involved do require a short hearing in court so the Judge can review the child support and visitation agreements, but I will be by your side giving you support and answering any questions that the Judge might have.

TWO LOCATIONS.  If you would prefer to meet with me in person to discuss your case, I currently have two locations for your convenience.  My primary office is located in downtown Ellijay on the square or roundabout.  I have a second location by appointment only twice a week in Canton on Riverstone Boulevard near Home Depot.